Personal finance shouldn’t be consumed by frugality!

So many people see those two things as synonyms when they really don’t need to be. In this book I promise to never tell you to change your lifestyle. This is going to be all about adapting the way that you buy the products and services that you’re already using so that they cost less or get you cashback, then getting the most out of the money you have left over through efficient saving and investing!

If you had a pound for every time you heard someone complain about not being taught about personal finance in school, you wouldn’t need this book! So many people needlessly dread the thought of managing their finances; hopefully through the course of these pages, that stress will diminish. The seemingly endless pit of unknown finance knowledge will start to shrink within reach – because it is!

Whether you have 15 minutes, an hour or a day, there’s something for you here. I’ve broken down the tips in this book into three chunks to work around you. We’ll start with the best things you can squeeze into just a quarter of an hour, before laying some strong financial foundations over an hour and finally building a lifelong financial palace on those foundations throughout the course of a metaphorical day!